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Hey, check this out! She's amazing! -HeyMrsW

Check this out, kinda like steampunk click here- Main exhibit gallery watches

Ruby Sea Dragon

Practice Here:
Telling Time Analog

AZlyrics "Good Riddance" -Green Day

Career One Stop

Fun Stuff
Local Jewelry Allegory Gallery Ligonier

Arts & Crafts
Craftster paper dragon

Web 2.0

Ukelele websites play chords, tune your uke, lyrics and guitar chords Interesting and huge archive of traditional music songs for guitar and ukes online classes and videos, can get certified? Search Ukelele free classes click ukulele at bottom of page or go to next link

Identifying Rocks
Geology Game
Gemopedia and JTV

Create -a-dragon
Dragon coloring pages
"Varren" Creature Notes
the dragon charmer this lady makes patterns and sells them on Etsy's craft site. Price for a pattern is reasonable ($8 for some). Maybe she can do a special order. Check out her swamp fairy.
Ways & How You Tube video "How to make a stuffed animal"
Gourmet Paper Mache' Dan (the monster-man) Reeder, paper mache' artist from Seattle, has lots of great tags and tutorials on 3D work, below is one of his video tutorials. He has some books
for how to make paper mache' monsters, etc.

Paper Mache' Dragon trophy tutorial:

Paper Mache' Minotaur in time lapse:

Time Lapse-Sculpting Urdnot Wrex from Mass Effect :

Z-Brush something different, 3D tutorial-interesting, computer animation

Speed Modeling smaug in Z-brush:

Basic sewing stitches
Crafting Delight 10 hand-sewing tutorials
Sew 4 Home hand stitching basics - basting stitch, running stitch, backstitch, overcast stitch, slip stitch or ladder stitch, blind hem stitch and securing a stitch
Dictionary of Embroidery stitches

Sewing 3D toes for creatures

rhythm of the home Michaelmas Dragon pattern to sew from felt
Explore stuffed animal patterns on Pinterest
Urban Threads tutorial to make plush dragon hot pack


Mens Style 101 How to tie a tie

Animated Knots

leather crafts
Tandy Leather
Tandy Leather home tutorials
International Internet Leathers Guild
leather castle tutorial

The Jewelry Club
Interweave Store Tutorials, ideas, chainmaille
Easy beaded rubber band loom bracelet
Loom fishtail bracelet video
Chain Maille

Jewelry Making "The Jewelry Club Wiki"


How to Create Steampunk Gears & Embellishments Using Metal Clay
History of Steampunk and Steampunk links

Beading Daily
wonder how to - steampunk instructional videos
instructables steampunk skull necklace
cooklovecraft.blogspot gears necklace
Beaducation coiling wire by hand
The Beading Gem Steampunk jewelry making tutorials
Jewelry Making Journal How to make steampunk jewelry
Awesome Inventions Hasan Novrozi Iranian sculptor, creates amazing steampunk animals from scrap metal

Steampunk Christmas
instructables steampunk nutcracker
etsy steampunk clock hands snowflake ornaments

Other Crafts
Jack Skellington
instructables nightmare before Christmas hair bow
sun & rainbow directions
pizza and burger directions

Paracord Guild

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Physics Central Nikola Tesla comic book
8 things you didn't know about Nikola Tesla
Science Facts Nikola Tesla
life and legacy
The Magnificent Mind of Nikola Tesla
Tesla Society
Tesla Universe timeline
Kids Korner-Nikola Tesla


History & Interview

Age 8

Age 13


Walk the Line-Johnny Cash