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Great Source Grammar [[#|Handbook]]
kimskornerforteachertalk grammar menu

Education Lunch story worksheet

Audible digital audiobooks for kids from amazon


childcareland teaching videos
fascinate-educate useful tips and suggestions for creative teaching
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Fill in any PDF

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Pennsylvania links
Pittsburgh Public Schools Links for Education

Learning Disabilities Online
IDEA partnership
Department of Education
Talent Assessment Inc

UEN Middle School Curriculum
English for everyone English worksheets for everyone

Vocaroo record short messages
Quadblogging Sign up your class to join 3 other [[#|classes]], take turns writing
Writing Fix writing prompts, writing lesson plans, etc.
Super Teacher Tools The latest greatest teaching tools includes jeopardy, random group maker, Q R Island, etc.
Q R Island make q r codes, decode them, make instantly accessible web pages, etc.
Fodey newspaper clipping generator
Smore make [[#|free flyers]]
Instagrok search engine that provides interesting visual on your search
Audioliterate stream and download free audiobooks
Epic Pen annotate desktop
Vanity-qrcode Q R Code with your name on it, first one is free, pay after that
Grammarly the world's best grammar checker
Bouncy Balls decibel checker for the classroom
Screencast-o-matic record screen activity
Nearpod using ipads, iphones etc in the classroom? Start here. Free app download
Good Reads meet your next good book here-free
Teen Reads reviews, authors and books for teens
Technorati blog directory
Educlipper like pinterest but for school
Emaze online presentation tool for people who want more than powerpoint
Pin words bloggers text on photos
121writing verbal feedback on student project
Purdue edu online student writing lab
Read Write Think articles, thought place for reading and writing
Language is a virus writing prompts, visual and electronic poetry, text and poem collages
Free Rice fill bowls of virtual rice as you get correct answers to vocabulary questions and help end world hunger
ipad academy learn how to use the ipad-training, tutorials, lessons. Free monthly ipad newsletter
edweb free professional development
fun-with-words wordplay website
Story Spinner spin for setting, starting phrase, etc. to make a story
Storybird read, create and share visual stories (?)
Storyboard That an easy storyboard creator, has simple cartoon, mimimal choices, between two characters
Word it out word cloud, can have gifts made
the noun project icons you can download w/o attribution, not sure what I'd use this for
The Story Starter click for story starter ideas
The Story Starter Jr. click for story starter ideas for younger kids
Plagium check for plagiurism in writings.
flipsnack make an online flipping book
seriously amazing from the Smithsonian Institute, amazing facts
confusing words defines and shows differences among confusing words like affect and effect
Youngzine news plus more for the young
Tech terms tech terms computer dictionary
Penzu write in private, your own journal
Penzu Classroom students can join with a class code and write in journals
Inklewriter write interactive stories
Pic Lits drag and drop words onto photos/diamontes
paperslide.blogspot just one example of paperslide videos, look for more samples, great project idea
edcanvas create a canvas on any subject
talk typer free speech to text dictation software
edudemic great teacher resource
Video Notes the easiest way to take notes synchronized with video
PDF escape Free [[#|PDF editor]] and form filler
Curriki free English Language Arts lesson plans
Board 800 shareable whiteboard
Code Everyone should learn to code
computing in the core great facts
Lingro click and learn words/definitionsm etc, 11 [[#|language translations]]. Enter a website to make all words on that page clickable to find definitions
Shape Collage make a collage of your photos in manydifferent shapes
Wordsift makes a visual definition of your words
Cite this for me auto cites for you
Tumblr writing prompts aligned in the common core
The Cube Creator Read Write Think
Educators technology
pbworks blog ideas on adding interactive plug-ins to wiki
Digital Media diet
cool tools PBIS

Share my lesson free
Class flow free
Scholastic free
buy sell teach many blogs to follow
Teachers pay teachers some free lessons
Outta Ray's Head Literature

This is my jog-the-web for Baseball, The Pittsburgh Pirates and some baseball legends