"After students have been interviewed with a detailed interest survey I try to match their interests to educational activities which they can have fun with and learn at home or school. Hopefully this info can be developed further and applied to a personal PLN for each student.This page contains former students interests. Wiki pages One through Ten contain current student interests." -HeyMrsW

DC Eagle Cam Follow the "President" and the "First Lady" eagles as they raise their eaglets
Live Hays Eagle Webcam Nest goes down from wind video

Common Sense Media
Student Badges

MIGRATION "Animals of the Air"

Arctic Tern __

Ruby-throated hummingbird __
Mrs. Williamson’s hummingbird video __

Blackpoll Warbler __

Hawks __ link to info to read and sounds to hear __ webcam video of hawks on nest.

Eagles __

African desert Locust __

Dragonflies (Green Darner) __
__ migration facts to read

Monarch Butterfly __

Mexican Free-tailed Bat

Nectar Bat __

Spiderlings→ ballooning __

Whooping Crane __

MIGRATION "Animals of the Water"
National Geographic Salmon migration" ok'd Obstacles for Salmon- Eagle ok'd Grizzly Bear ok'd
Shark Migration Discovery (blue sharks) ok'd
White Shark migration California/Hawaii ok'd
National Geographic Lobster locomotion ok'd
National Geographic Jellyfish migration Giant Jellyfish-Sea of Japan
National Geographic Humpback Whale migration
National Geographic gray whale migration Bering Sea to Mexico. What happens to gray whales while they spend summer feeding in the Bering Sea
National Geographic elephant seal migration California & Mexico Earthguide for Elephant Seals lots of info
SEE Turtles Loggerhead Sea Turtle Migration Sargasso Sea (Nesting grounds of loggerhead turtles) , Azores islands of Portugal ok'd
ABC Catalyst Eel migration Sargasso Sea read about eel migration here ok'd
Vertical Migration of Krill ok'd but lotsa reading
Huge jellyfish are invading the water off Japan
Jellyfish invading ok'd

MIGRATION "Animals of the Land"
Barren Ground Caribou

National Geographic Mule Deer link to video 4:27
PBS Arctic Polar Bear video 2:26
National Geographic Army Ants video 2:58
National Geographic African Elephant video 2:31
Parks Australia Red Crab of Christmas Island 3:41

Ramps, Wedges & Screws
Brainpop inclined plane
edhelper Simple Machines
Discovery Education
Discovery Education ramps, wedges & screws

concrete inside the mixer

Fun Science Demos- Simple Machines-the wedge:

Fun Science Demos- Simple Machines-inclined plane

NASA shows us pulleys

The Wheel
Smithsonian salute to the wheel article about the beginning of the wheel
brainpop wheel & axle lesson plans

Hidden Histories: "The Wheel" video 6:50

Invention of Wheels 44:15

Below is "History of the Wheels" youtube video from National History 42:39

Simple Machines 6:04

Wheels & Axles cartoon 12:46

Befona North Pole Express
La Befana Italian Holiday (January 6)
La Befana song and legend
Befana Festival
Italy Travel escape Befana
The Epiphany
Link to video Italian

icivics Site by Sandra Day O'Connor (civics games)
icivics games
icivics teacher lesson plans

National Geographic Hurricane Katrina day by day
Stormfax Atlantic Hurricane names lists
Retired Hurricane names

National Geographic Tornadoes 101 video
Brainpop tornado video
PBS kids dragonfly tv making a tornado-use a hair dryer, paper and toothpick (trees) to experience wind
NOAA (Fujita) F-scale charts
National Geographic Waterspout video
Make Science fun hail video
Tornado in a bottle

Discovery Education
Eastern US snowstorm
Making Crystals
Snow Safety from Kids health
Avalanche on you tube
How to make an easy anemometer
Brainpop Snowflakes
Brainpop Jr Winter Weather

George Eastman
Part 1

Part 2 & 3

Loading 35mm film

George Eastman Timeline
Kodak George Eastman Biography/History
Eastman Museum George Eastman Legacy Collection
George Eastman documentary videos
Image Permanence Institute PDF shows negatives and postives of photos

Brainpop How cameras work

Henry Ford
Biography Videos
Henry Ford The Road to Happiness
Brainpop Assembly line video
Candy Car Assembly line activity

Click here to open this binder in a new window.

Automobile parade video

Thomas Edison
Discovery Education Thomas Edison
PBS A Day in the life of Thomas Edison
School Tube student made videos about Thomas Edison
Archives Thomas Edison cartoon biography 24 mins
Video story of Thomas Edison
Brainpop Thomas Edison cartoon "Getting the facts straight"
Interactive Games about Thomas Edison:
See if you can invent like Edison
thomas Edison Inventor
Lightbulb article from Edison Muckers
Biography article from Edison Muckers
livebinders several Thomas Edison links
Livebinders Timeline

Other inventors
Learning Games for kids

Animated Knots
Friendship Bracelets

WAYBUILDER free animation short course
3D animation overview PDF
Working in 3D from waybuilder
Getting started with Augmented Reality
Blender in the Studio

3D room planners
10 Best Free Online Virtual Room Programs & Tools

Symbaloo nice visual bookmarking site

external image graphics-school-241143.gif

Reviews and Trailers
Kennedy Center
Pittsburgh Zoo

external image graphics-school-293598.gif

Edudemic Developing a PLN
Educators Technology Teachers Guide

external image mini-graphics-my-little-pony-168053.gif

My Little Pony games
Coloring Pages
My Little Pony Collection

MANDALAS "Coloring mandalas brings peace to the mind and will improve concentration."-edupics
external image mandala-coloring-pages-27.gif
Free printables
Animal Mandalas free downloads
Geometry Coloring Pages all free to print
Coloring Castle
mandala coloring book
picgifs mandala coloring page printables
Light Weaver

Sand mandala video
Building a sand mandala

mandala therapy online coloring
online coloring
more mandalas online

external image graphics-boys-469896.gif
external image sport-graphics-fishing-631281.gif
Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission

songwriting for kids

external image graphics-motorcycles-736821.gif
total motorcyclenew models
Motor Bike Games 365

COLORING PAGES Color online or print

hula hooper
jason mecier artist uses beans, recyclables etc for portraits

Writing literacy lessons/sight words

more literacy lessons/sight words

Tie Shoelaces


Peter Pigs sorting coins

abcya sorting coins

Smarty Games Count out money to pay for dollar store items

Math ABC How much money?

AAA Math coin names and values


Bitesize Time Telling

NASA Memory game of analog to digital on the hour

Mr. Nussbaum Bedtime Bandits

Stop the Clock match analog to digital time as fast as you are able

Math buddy Online sample clock game where you pick the correct digital time from two choices that match time on the analog clock

Set the clock click arrows to move clock hands to proper time

What time is it? game has four levels, pick correct digital time of the analog clock

abcya telling time

Audio Stories

storyline online free audio stories

Indianapolis public library storytime online

Magic Keys Click on the speaker to have each page read to you

magic keys pirate audiobook

external image drummer17.gif



external image avatars-disney-991600.gif


guinea pig care pdf

Happy Cavy 4 live guinea pig webcams


Easy Drawing Tutorials

Hello Kids

How to draw nature tutorials on how to draw many things from nature

How to draw step by step

Directory for How to Draw

Draw A Rose


First Palete printable patterns for download

Origami Way step-by-step snowflakes

more printable snowflake patterns


Artists Helping Children

Origami Club



Games Games

Crochet Patterns Free

finger knitting for babies

Flax and Twine finger knitting baby booties


zing zing finger weaving